Hope Baptist Church Bridgend takes the safeguarding of everyone attending our church very seriously, to this end:

  • We have put in place, regularly review and update clear and robust safeguarding policies and procedures, and take responsibility for ensuring that all the necessary people are familiar with them, and that they are being implemented effectively
  • We will ensure that all our leaders receive BUGB ( Baptist Union of Great Britain) Level 2 & 3 safeguarding training on a regular basis, and in particularly when first taking up a leadership role, so they are able to understand their responsibilities and the importance of safeguarding in a church context
  • We will ensure that all our workers and volunteers who work with children, youth or adults at risk receive at least BUGB level 2 training on a regular basis so they know how to respond if a concern arises
  • We will ensure that BUGB Level 1 training/DVD will be shown as part of the Annual General Meeting as part of an annual safeguarding report to Church members
  • We will appoint a Safeguarding Trustee (Deacon) who oversees our safeguarding provision across all church activities and acts as a liaison between the leaders and the workers/volunteers
  • We will appoint two people as our Designated Persons for Safeguarding who will act as the point of contact for anyone who wants to report or discuss a safeguarding concern, and who will liaise with statutory authorities on behalf of the church where necessary
  • When a safeguarding concern is identified we will respond in an appropriate and timely manner, implementing our agreed procedures and seeking external advice where appropriate
  • If a significant safeguarding concern arises we will not seek to deal with it alone but will seek advice and support from the association Team
  • We will co-operate fully with the Baptist Union, Association and statutory authorities where required in any investigations
  • We will do our utmost to provide sensitive and informed pastoral care to those who may be affected by issues of abuse, and to provide a caring environment where survivors of abuse can feel listened to and supported
  • As a Christian community we recognise that if a safeguarding concern arises there will be times when full information cannot be shared with us because of legal constraints of confidentiality.

Sally George

Designated Person for Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk.

To contact 01656 668791 or 07974 834957